The new high school vernacular 

Dayroom (n): Hollywood, or fake, but more Hollywood, you know what I mean, Ms. Kim? It’s like they did you dirty.

Use it in a sentence: She real dayroom in that shirt right now.

Crusty (adj): if a place, it’s old, boring, dusty, no one wants to be there. If you mean looks, it’s bad hygiene, ugly. You just look crusty. If a personality, it’s not good, that’s for sure. Even if you’re pretty, your looks are automatically crusty if your personality is crusty.

Ex: That assembly was crusty, it was a waste of my time.

Tight (adj): when your body so tight, Miss, you wound up, you angry. It’s not a good feeling. (not to be confused with “we’re tight”, meaning close or friendly)

Ex: This assignment got me so tight, when am I ever gonna even use this?


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