Many stories circulate surrounding New York public schools: the Broken Students, the Tired Teachers, the Awful Conditions, the Urgent State of Disrepair, the need to do Something More, to do well by the students who so severely need our help. New York Times bestsellers (here’s looking at you, Kozol) rave about the need for reform, how the system is failing both students and teachers alike, how structural violence will be the Death of Education and Free Will and we must Act Now before it’s Too Late!

Many of these stories are true. I am living one story, and trying to tell a few more. Behind each story is a human. This human is not an 87 on their Algebra I test; this human is not 1 lesson plan rewritten 15 times; this human is not their 3 detentions or their 15 emails to the superintendent. This human is so much more than letters on a blog, but I hope to give life to these humans whose stories are so often reduced to startling statistics in order to prove a point.

I will try to do these real stories about these real people justice.